Who is Jesus?

Many would agree that he was a good man who walked on earth and brought about forms of positive change. For a figure whose impact has been popularly known and whose influence cannot be underestimated, much is known about him yet little is agreed regarding who he truly is.

Some say he was a teacher who taught great moral values that have benefitted humankind. Although he did not receive the kind of formal education we expect of an influential figure, his revolutionary teaching to ‘love your neighbor as yourself’ or to ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you’ has transformed the way humans relate to each other.

Some say he was an activist who advocated for the socially marginalized. Although he was not the leader of any not-for-profit organization or welfare group, his love and care towards the widow and orphans is exemplary and should inform the way we advocate for the needy.

Some say he was a prophet who preached about a powerful creator and God. Although he was never ordained into clerical ministry, his unparalleled sermons about the glory of God have converted many throughout history.

Some say he was a healer who came to restore the physical and emotional health of the sick. Although he did not hold a medical degree, he was compassionate to the sick and blind, and extended his healing hand to all who were in need.

Some say he was a king who came to establish political and military rule. Although he never sat in political office, he was often the center of political controversy. Some loved him and passionately followed him while others severely persecuted him.

All of these things are true about Jesus. However, they are insufficient views. They are inadequate as they merely foreshadow Jesus’ true identity. Therefore at Bankstown City Church, we affirm that Jesus’ nature as Lord and Saviour of the world is the key to understanding the world and ourselves, and everything about him.

So who is Jesus? Come and experience him for yourselves.

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