Vision and Values

Bankstown City Church is an independent, Protestant, Evangelical church in the Reformed tradition.


Our vision at Bankstown City Church is to be a united body of Christ overflowing with the gospel so that all people in the greater Bankstown region will experience His saving and transforming Lordship in every dimension – spiritually, socially and culturally.

We believe a relationship with Jesus transforms our lives. So our mission at Bankstown City Church is to enable everyone to be able to know and experience Jesus. We hope to do this by providing the opportunity to engage with Jesus through worship on Sundays, as well as interacting with a community of believers throughout the week. In these communities, we hope that grace and love overflow so that we can go forth to the world to tell others about Jesus and support others who do gospel work around the world.


Worship - Gospel-shaped worship when we gather that transforms how we love God and our neighbour in everyday life


Our weekly services are the focal point of our life together as God’s people. When we gather for worship, we are retelling and remembering the wonderful gospel – the gospel that’s saved us and brought us into relationship with God. As we sing, pray, affirm our faith and hear God’s Word read and preached, we join with God’s people through the ages and around the world in worship. And because this worship is nothing less than the God of the universe meeting and engaging with his people, this weekly gathering overflows into our everyday lives, as we are transformed to fervently live renewed lives of faith, hope, and love when we go out in the world.


Word - All of Scripture, shaping all that we do and teach, and impacting every area of our lives as disciples of Christ.


The Bible stands at the centre of our church’s life because the Bible is God’s authoritative Word to his world. We want everything we do corporately and individually to be biblical, because we are convinced that God’s Word is relevant to every area of life. Therefore we are committed to teach and learn the whole Bible, as read through the lens of the gospel, in order that we might live lives of joyful obedience to Christ.




We want our church to reflect God’s love and acceptance of us in Jesus. Therefore we desire to be a diverse and multicultural community which graciously invites others into the messyness of our lives so that we may sacrificially serve one another’s needs.


Mission - A church propelled outwards locally and globally by the gospel to love our neighbours and share the good news of Jesus in both word and deed.


In joyful obedience to Jesus’ command to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:16-20), we go in his name to serve those who need to hear the saving message of the gospel and experience his love in practical ways. Therefore we equip all of our members to be salt and light to those around them; we love those in need through works of compassion and mercy; we multiply gospel-communities by church planting; and we partner with and send missionaries around the world.


Bankstown City Church – Launch from Peter Ko on Vimeo.