Bankstown City Church

Bankstown City Church is a church in the heart of Bankstown CBD. Explore this site for more information, and feel free to get in touch with us! 

No matter what your experience of church has been, whether good or bad, it can’t compare with the picture that the Bible has of church. In the Bible, church isn’t a denomination, a building, a spiritual social club, a self-help group or a concert.

The Bible’s picture of church is a grace-filled community of God’s people loved by Him, saved by Him, transformed by Him, gathered by Him and called to be His representatives in the world. It’s meant to be a radical and beautiful community that shines with God’s gloryin this dark and troubled world.

We are not a church like that… yet. But by God’s grace and His power this is what we aim to be.

Come and see for yourself. We pray that whoever you are, you will join un to make this ideal a reality.

Bankstown City Church is an English worship service open to people of all cultures who seek to encounter Jesus Christ and spread his fame in the south-west of Sydney.

Bankstown City Church is a ministry of South-West CCC Kingsgrove.