Sunday Services

If worship is the praise of something or someone then each of us is a worshipper. Whether its our favourite sporting team, the latest food craze of the latest electronic gadget, we are all worshippers of something.

Sunday services at BCC is a time where we worship Jesus. We do this because we are convinced Jesus was far more than a great moral teacher or kind humanitarian, but the son of God who came to earth not just to point us to God, but to die on the cross so that we would be restored into relationship with Him. Therefore each Sunday is spent remembering this great truth. Everything we do points forward to this beautiful story of how Jesus came to save us, even though we were people still in rebellion against Him.

If you spend time with us on a Sunday afternoon you’ll experience a number of things. We’ll sing songs together, praising God and giving thanks to Him for his faithfulness to us. We’ll spend time reading the Bible and hearing someone explain to us what it says to us about ourselves and about God. We’ll also spend time talking to God in prayer, declaring our faith and confessing our sins.

Our dress is casual, so please come and join us!