October 5, 2015

Leadership Team

Jonathan Chong – Pastorjono
Jonathan was born and raised in Sydney and prior to ACTS11 worked as an information technology consultant. The cheap price of technology gadgets enticed him to America, where he studied theology with his wife Emmelyn at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia (USA). He has recently transitioned back to Sydney to serve as pastor of ACTS11 and is excited at the prospect of seeing the Gospel being made known in the South West of Sydney. In his free time Jonathan enjoys drinking/roasting coffee, travel and photography. He’s also an avid sports fan, willing to try his hand at almost any sport. (Email – jono[at]acts11.org.au)



petePeter Ko – Lead Pastor SWCCC

Peter is the Lead Pastor of SWCCC and also the pastor of our Bankstown site. Married to Karen, they have four lovely children: Emily, Andrew, Bethany and Ethan. Peter was born in Taiwan and raised in Australia and counts it a blessing to be able to communicate well in both English and Mandarin. Prior to SWCCC he was a pastor at Chinese Christian Church Milsons Point since 2005 and studied at Moore Theological College. Peter enjoys cycling, spending time at the gym and loves relaxing with the family on his days off.